Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

If people are going to try and prevent drugs, they shouldn't focus on weed. Weed is harmless. We should be focusing on harder drugs like heroin and crack which are actually dangerous and actually ruin lives. Nobody will ever blow somebody for a nickel bag of weed would they? Or would they steal silverwear and jewlery from their parents just for a fix? I don't think so.
marijuana doesnt contain polomium. 210Po. However most people smoke it with tabbaco, so you still get thet shit, put there are better ways thought.Think about how many people that have died, and will continue to die from cancer related causes. Especially that chemotherapy...deadly. Anywho, if we legalize pot. We will get Cannabis oil to the people with cancer. We would save lives. I could care less if the government decides to ruin Marijuana for recreational use. I am for the legalization to save lives. Like I said before. You got a problem with legalized pot. Then find something else just as pleasant to do in your spare time.

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